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unknown shell case


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on the bottom of the case the markings are 75/24HOW with a A under it, to its left there is the markings( lot) under (lot) it is 655R under thata arrow pointing up then a( S ) to its right M.S.F and at the bottom the date 1972

at the base it has grip

meny thanks jordon1995


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It would help if you posted the inside mouth diameter (hole at the top), case length and rim diameter (the width across the base where the markings are).

PS I am 18 now, I started collecting when I was about 13. My collection wasn't anything like yours when I was 13.
Not sure about this one but it shares the ridged rim with the Naval A/S Hedgehog launching case, only its a bit to long.
Anyone add to this?

Best Weasel.