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Unknown (to me...) Grenade


This has been in my parents' house since 1951... Can you tell me what it is, please ?


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Is this the grenade in question? If yes, it is a different type than my Mills N 36 on the scale. For this the difference in weights.
Hi there, H & B as Spotter says.
Full details, Messrs Howard and Bullough Ltd, Globe Ironworks,Fountain Street and Charter Street Works, Accrington. In 1916 their phone no was 2121. They made 6 in shells, Mills Grenades, Exploder containers, Mine sinkers,Cast iron fuzes, Aircraft parts and before the war they madecotton spinning and manufacturing machinery. It was a big factory, employing over 4800 men and women[50/50] at its height of production

As for the blank in place of the filler screw, i reccon it was either made to replace the screw damaged in deactivation or it was originally like this. Cant really say. I have a moneybox no 5 with a similar blank.
hope this helps,

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