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Unknown tool


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This tool was given to me and it was said to be a time setting tool for French WW1 powder train time delay fuzes. The tool has Finnish army markings and we also used those French fuzes still in WW2.
However dimensions of the tool do not match very well with French fuzes, neither the tool has enough power to penetrate the fuze body for time setting ( I tried and it does not work ).
Any Idea what this tool could be?


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Hi The shape i would have thought was wrong for clamping around a fuze head, it does look as though it is piecing something large , judging from that adjustable pin?
When you find out please let me know i love old tools , i colect Brass bomb disposal tools
You are right about shape of the tool, the middle bar is shaped for something large and conical, like a large fuze but we didn't have any such in use.