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Unknown Training Grenade... Mills??


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Can anyone identify this training grenade?

I ran across what has been described as a "Pineapple Grenade Trainer" in a local shop. It resembles a mills bomb, however, the shape is a little odd for a Mills.

Does anyone know what type of training grenade this is?


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Hi bud,

i reccon it could be based on a Mills. Probably made for the Home Guard in WW2 by a local blacksmith as a platoon training aid and throwing practice. I have a couple of similar examples. Nice find and well worth collecting in my mind.

-terra cotta Grenade N36 found in country North France
-Plastic N36 found near Dunkerque in old house


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Hmmm,i agree with Spott here.
That one on the right looks rather modern day made to me?


Hi all,
here are 3 more 'training grens' i have picked up over the years.
First on the left i believe to be a WW1, could be wrong but it has the correct 'patina' of age to it. The second, central one i am sure is a WW2 Home Guard version of the 36, probably made by a local blacksmith. The 3rd, right hand one is a bit more unusual, again WW2 i think, but made of a zinc alloy or similar and filled with lead to give it some weight. It is a bit pitted but easily recogniseable as based on the 36. Quite heavy too,
I am well into Mills training/drill grens from both WW1 and WW2.



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Heres a 1st WW practice No5 made of rubber. It has a large phosphor bronze ball bearing inside to give it a bit of weight. It's had a hard life as it is very deformed now.:tinysmile_cry_t4:
Cheers, Paul.


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