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Unknown warhead


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Can somebody tell me what this is ? thanks


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Most important, what is the diameter of the warhead? Second, what is the length?
You know your stuff, but a few thing point out to the maverick

1. black color with yellow writing meaning Anti-tank.
2. the comp b filler and the type of charge you don't need as much HE
3. the larger warhead your thinking of is the HE warhead this one is a shaped charge.
it happens rember the US ordnance was built to be safer for the user, so duds do happen, it's good job security for me.:tinysmile_fatgrin_t
Ref the unreliabilty of "test" shots. There's a reason this stuff has a shelf life and firing them at/past end of same does make for less than ideal results. Was chasing a guy firing an "A" model and yaw gyro froze just after round left the rail. Full g left turn was awe inspiring..just slightly more so than lead's max g pitch up attempting to leave the neighborhood after watching (at close range) his live missile do its exit stage left routine.