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unknown ww2 mortar shell??


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I got this mortar shell from my friend who was cleaning minefields on the mountain Srd,over the city Dubrovnik in Croatia.It was unexploded but now it's empty and totaly safe.It is not from the war in 1991 because croatian army as the Yugoslavian people's army didn't have any mortar in that small caliber.
It is from the ww2.Dubrovnik was liberated in 1945 by yugoslavian partizans from the Ustasha units(in ww2 croatian units,the collaborators of 3. Reich).So there were battles for the city in 1945.

The mortar shell is about 45 mm in diametar,and about 200 mm length.
On the tails there are markings:W-14-39 and 203.

Please identify this ww2 mortar shell,and give me more informations about it's origin,original colour,markings,and pics of the fuze which was attached on the front part of the shell?
Do you have good pics of that mortar shell where I can see it's colour and markings?
Anyone else has any info about the name,origin and colour,markings and fuze type for this mortar shell?
It,s Polish projectile "Granat 46mm wz.35" for "46mm granatnik wz.1930 and wz.1936"


"Granat odłamkowy" - H.E. grenade is painted yellow.

Fuze for wz.35 [H.E.] most appropriate is "OŚ.wz.35"

sorry about my english ;)
And in ww2 these mortar shells were used by german army or?
If they were used by germans,which markings had these shells in german military service in ww2(also polish or german)?
If the german army used it in ww2,was the colour the same as on the polish version?
I don't have the information about the use Polish 46 mm in the German army.

Your projectile don't have brass reduction "tulei".

Polish 46 mm mortar round used by the Germans during WWII.

Or better;
Polish made 46mm mortar round used by the Polish army before, and on first days (September 1939) of ww2.

If the german army used it in ww2,was the colour the same as on the polish version?

There was only one version - Polish version. German never made this ammunition.
German only used our ammunition, like everything what was captured...

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Wow, very rare and nice mortar, I havent seen one complet before. Przemek Could you post a detailed pics of the fuse, please? All ways. Shells sometimes see the light, but fuses it is the first time that I see one.
Here some fuze drawing (French)



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