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Unkown Wrench


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Is this ordnance or weapons related ?


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Wrench ?

Hi Gspragg I think what you have there is a "pipe wrench" made for a specific diameter of Pipe or "Stud" that needed to be srewed into something tightly.
I think it unlikely to have a use for tightening Fuzes as it would leave the body in a marked condition-not good or acceptable!
And the "RG" may not be the "RG" we associate with ammunition but merely a company bearing the same initials-however someone may well come up with a definitive answer to your question.

Chris :tinysmile_shy_t:
I'm with Chris on this one, too heavy handed for ordnance I think. I have some old British Naval issue tools in my box, painted the same shade of blue. this looks like a stud wrench to me, you can still buy tools like this today, but not such good quality. Tony.

I will inform the grateful owner of this - hope he has the appropriate studs on hand or he may hurt himself ---
Hi All i agree with Paul this is a military tool , this is clearly seen in the picture the broad arrow , Radway green is im sure the company , but as to its use as a fuze tightener is doughtful its more likely used on one of Radway greens other products. the colour blue is similar to that of the RAF freddy fuze extractor i owned.
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Thats a good assumption Steve because if you are extracting the fuze then i suppose it doesnt matter as much if it gets chewed a bit?