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Unusual brass thing


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Can anyone tell me what the item in the attached photo is please?




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IGNORE the ruler in the photos, its one of those odd scale ones.
This case is about 7cm long and just over 2cm wide at the top.

Electric Tube Vent, but what for ?????????

Very nice item, any providence ?

Too small for 5.5"
Too old for most applications I can think of.

What does the top end look like Dave ?
Looking at the scale it could be more like 15cm not 7cm as I posted above (I lost the bit of paper with the measurements on it).

Chris, these are known and do crop up now and again, its something Steve asked me to put on the forum to see if anyone knew what it was. When you look into the top of it there is a slight rim about 5mm down into the tube, looks as if the mouth would have been sealed with a disk of some sort and the rim would stop it falling all the way into the case.

It looks to me like a primer vent tube from a 6" Naval gun. Here is a similar item which is on one of the door handles in one of the turrets on HMS Belfast.

Dave, is the one in your post for sale? I have been looking for one of these for a while.


Here are some diagrams of one of these primers:

Apparently the proper designation is Primer, Electric, 1", Mark IV


Thanks Falcon, that's excellent information. I've visited HMS Belfast and must have gone straight past the door handle!!
I'll find out if this one is for sale, its not one of mine but the guy may be interested in parting with it, I'll let you know if he does.