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Updated list of WWII Militaria for Sale


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Hey Guys,

Just added about sixty new (old) items to my web page of things friends have sent me to help them sell. Mostly WWII British and Commonwealth weapons and equipment related. Anyway, have a look at the link below and see if anything is of interest. Lots of neat toys.

I'm just another collector and swapping spare gear with other collectors makes the barter world go around :)

Hey Waff,

Replied to your PM. Posting this in case the system doesn't notify you of a new message as I only knew you had left me one via the bump on this thread.

Appreciate it and certainly do understand the concern with so much potential Spam flying around from the dreaded mail and forum bots.

Also to re-state what's on my page in the weapons section, all items are orignal but completley inert and safe.

Anyone that is reading Horsas post may mistakenly think he his selling as a commercial dealer on this site,thereby breaking forum rules on this matter..HE IS NOT all Horsa has done is notify members that he has updated stock on his own website...