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US 4000lb HE Bombs photo


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I thought I'd post this, as the official caption claims it shows a number of US 4000lb HE bombs at Sharnbrook AAF Ordnance Depot in England in July 1943 (more than six months before most sources state they were shipped over from the USA to the UK).


There seem to be an awful lot of them under the camouflage covers in the background too........ ;)

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The interesting thing about these 400lb bombs is they were never used in combat in WWII, certainly not in the ETO anyhow.
The B-24 and the B-17 could only carry them on the external underwing hardpoints at greatly reduced range.
I've got a mere three more photo's from the Sharnbrook Ordnance Depot, but they'll have to wait until I finish my research into the site (plans and records en-route from PRO Kew and Beds County Archive at present).

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Hello! This picture in my documents found. Also is US 4000lb????


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US 4000 lb. bomb

Here another one.


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