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US 500lb GP Bomb fins


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I'm looking for a set of fins for a WW2 US 500lb bomb or plans to make a replica set for one I have laying around! Any ideas??:eek:oh:
Do they look like these in my back garden,but without the BBQ attached!:xd:




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Is this what your looking for?


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Here are the plans for the fin that is proper with the M64A1 500 LB. GP Bomb. It was the bomb dropped in the greatest numbers by the allies in WWII.

To get a fin fabricated, find a shop that has metal cutting (laser or hi-def plasma), metal forming (Press Break), and welding capability all in the same shop to keep your cost at a minimum.

Before fabricating, try fining one in the German area of influence during the war. There should be a lot of them. You might be able to get enough parts to make one up.

The sleeve in the third photo can be made by welding a strip into a pipe shape, and then welding that onto a round doughnut shape. Instead of making dimples on the round piece, you could use 1/4" thick metal for the plate. You just need a standoff, so the retaining nut can enter into the hole to center the fin on the bomb.



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