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US bomb tail fin and nose cone


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I was given these two items by a work colleague. Apparently they are from a modern airdropped US bomb. What type of US bomb are they off?

Thanks for any info.


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He used to work for the USAF maintining munitions, apparently they scrapped hundreds of them off un-used bombs that came back from Gulf War I.
The nose cone looks like it came from either the Mk 82 (500 Lb) or the Mk83 (1,000Lb ) both were used in large numbers.
The tail fin bolts onto dispenser bodies for submunitions or propaganda bombs. The nose piece looks like a shipping plug to keep the nose threads clean before a fuze is installed.
Your plug cone is from a SUU-30 dispencer an the tail fin might be from a Mk-5 dispencer.


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Thanks for the diagrams. That definitely looks like it's them. Were they dispensers for submunitions or propaganda bombs or could they be used for either?