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US Illuminating Grenade


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Good evening members and may I say that one is impressed with the professional presentation of the BOCN Forum etc. As an introductory post I am enclosing an image of a little gem I acquired some years ago. The grenade is reasonably uncommon however this one has the original packaging which some members may not have seen before and should be of interest. Regards Rod


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    Illum Grenade.jpg
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Hi. Thanks for sharing the photos. Can you take some close-ups of the lever markings and any body stenciling. Cheers Colin
Very Nice First Post

Excelent first post. I'm assuming that your grenade and shipping container are WW2 vintage? I have 2 Mk 1's but neither have the correct fuse. I also have the later steel can with the screw off lid type shipping container. Also I second Kiwicolin's request for more pictures please.:tinysmile_fatgrin_t
Thanks for the welcoming remarks. Recently moved so it may take me a day or 2 to put my hands on said item for some close up pics. Back to you shortly....or watch this space as they say!!! Rod
Hi. I'm looking forward to seeing the additional photo's. To kill a bit of time until you can photograph your one, here's a more modern example . Cheers Colin


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The later pic is interesting....theyn haven't changed much apart from more markings. Well you can get lucky. The container lid pic could have been a bit more in focus however under the MARK 1 and NOrd 6207 marking is RLA space TVC. Under that LOT No. and 51 in a box and under that AUG 1944 in a box to answer an earlier question.
Enclosed as requested...side pic of the igniter set and the second pic of the markings on the top which reflect the box labelling. I have added a small red circle to indicate where the "1" is. I filled the others with a small amount of cleaner to make them stand out but unfortunately one digit did not show but it is stamped into the metal. Rod


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