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us MK II Chem Round and U.S.S.R fuze setting tools


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The MK II as a US M46 fuze and the Tools are U.S.S.R.


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You might want to check your ID on the 75mm. The CW filled rounds had two key id features, an oversized fuze adapter with a hex head and a tapered pipe fitting, and a smooth base. Tour item has the typical fuze adapter and the groove on the base is intended for the fitting of a copper plate, which was then sealed into place by lead forced into the groove. This was an earlier version of the welded baseplate you see today, intended as insurance against minute cracks in the body that could result in a detonation in the tube for an HE round. As this was not a risk for smoke and chem they have a smooth base.


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it was a miss I>D> on my part it is the HE version. Another shop showed me the old chem version.