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US WW2 100 pound incendiary bomb


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Can anybody help me with the above a friend has offered me one and I need all the details pics etc etc to make sure everything is present and correct.
Yours DAZ
180 for it , i just missed an excellent 15kg french WW2 bomb for 150 on specialist i'm gutted by the time I had logged in properley it had gone.
G'day Daz Reich,

Are you talking about one of these :unsure:


Ref: TM 9 1980 American Bombs for Aircraft 1944
Here's some info . . .


I'm not sure if this helps or not :unsure:

It's not a 90 pound Frag Bomb your friend's trying to sell you :unsure:



Ref: TM 9 1980 American Bombs for Aircraft 1944

Thanks for that he said he was not quite sure what it is he sent me a piccy which i will put on here can you get any info from this piccy while i wait for any details off him about what model number it is ,fuze etc.
Can any of you id this for me still from those excellent pics posted and tell me anything about it.
Cheers DAZ
P.s he has a larger WW1 french bomb for sale as well will post pics if anyone interested but it will have to be picked up from fair due to size.

Please help me somebody I can't buy this bomb until I got it id'd properley by you experts as I have bought to many wrong items in the past and dont want to get stung again especially on something large and expensive such as this.
I just want to know its age, country and use.

Pleading with you all DAZ
havn`t you already ID`d it old chap hence the topic title??
Or do you just need a ballpark price for it?,im surprised it hasn`t had more interest as its a pretty cool item


Hi Daz,

It looks like it US and from the 50's from your foto.

Hope it helps a little Mad B)
Hi Daz,
I can not find it in my books only with straps around it and if it is from the war it wil have a 3th lug for Uk planes i think 2 lugs for Us planes and 1 lug for uk planes. Or look at the tail unit for stamps in it.hope it helps.

Cheers Mad B)
G'day Daz,

I have posted some pics and info, which show how similar your 100-pounder looks compared to the WW2 type practice bomb. The two lugs in your photo look like they are welded on. In the wartime manual the bomb has three suspension rings attached. These rings include the lug and tightening screws. As Mad has already suggested the rings are either for American or British use. Basically these rings are slipped around the bomb and then tightened by two screws on the opposite side of the lug.

I'm thinking 90% that it's a 1950's production model.