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USAAF bomb fuze pocket sizes


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I have a fair number of the hexagonal shipping plugs from WWII USAAF bombs, which seem to fall into two distinct sizes.

There are the larger ones which are 2" across the flats of the head, and just under 2" dia. on the threads, and there is a smaller version which is just over 1.6" across the flats with a 1" dia. thread.

I've gone through the relevant manuals but none identify the diameter of the fuses, so can anyone identify which bombs had which size holes?

I found a few more today of the less-common types of the larger patterns, circular headed with a pair of flats, and a single circular one with sloped sides and a slot across the face.
I'll try to get some photos posted soon.

All the best,
Hi Paul
Ive also found on old airfields these plugs , that you describe i believe that they are for nose and tail fuzes , the larger being nose and the smaller , tail .
American bombs ive seen in museums and collections often had adaptors to decrease the size, i think it a fair guesss then that these plugs would be used on the general bombs 250 Lbs and 500 lbs
hope this is of some little help
Hi Paul
Looking at my small collection of American bomb fuzes i came across the AN-M 103 Mechanical Impact nose Fuze which the larger plugs you have would be fitted .
That fuze is used in or could be used in any GP bombs
The M100 series tail fuze (smaller plug) was used in the 100lb,250lb bombs