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I would like someone who is/was very knowledgebal on the history of the V-40 to PM me. I was hearing quite along time ago some stories about it, but some of them sounded like it they were out in the twilight Zone.

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Thanks for the articles. I know just about everything there is to know about the V-40. However, this one story I have heard about the mini grenade sounds a little on the Twilight Zone side.

I heard that Ken "Conrad" Baker had seen a flyer on these grenades and sent out official US Government forms and payment in full recieved back about 1,000+ V-40's. Now this story takes a little turn for the worst. When the Dutch found out that the grenades were being used in the Vietnam War they went ahead and closed the contract and refunded all monies left over from future purchases. I guess the Dutch would not allow them to be used in the Vietnam War.(?) I have asked a Royal Dutch Marine that was here in the US on a visit to see his family and he didn't even no what the V-40 was and/or is.(?)

At the time MACVSOG had one of the largest bank accounts ever, before Vienam and during it. They purchased everything imagined. As long as it was current or future technology they would have had it before yesterday and out to the Recon Teams immediately to test it's worthyness for a weapon in the jungles of Laos and Cambodia. The V-40 was one of those items.

Can anybody confirm or deny or respond that it sounds like what the Dutch would do kind of comments.(?)

By the way, I am a "Living Historian" of MACVSOG. Anybody wishing/wanting to know about SOG. Go ahead and ask on a different forum
Interesting story. I heard that the SF and Seals were using them in Nam, as they could carry them in their pockets.