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v1 Rocket 17Bm Fuse


Ordnance Approved
Fellow collectors after no shortage of endevour I would like to post these picture of a 17Bm fuze that part of my collection. I was trying to work out how to post a series of picture but to no avail so after this attachment you should get 3 x others in this order.

(a) Base end of fuze, note striker + Gain plug( Match stick for scale).

(b)Side view, with screw on Transit cap & Screw in Gain plug.

(c)Top of fuze with pull ring still intact & if you look close stamp of 17Bm.

(d & e) Transit cap and Gain plug.
Nice fuze!,i have one of these in my collection too.

that transit plug looks like the one on my type 17.