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V3 ammunition / Hochdrckpumpe


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A video about this uncommon ammunition + the special Gun .

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97nyIePE07o&feature=related"]YouTube- V3 "England Canon" Nazi Wunderwaffe (Wonder Weapon)[/ame]

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zs_cFJV50H0"]YouTube- V3 Rocket Mimoyecques Kampa VCD[/ame]


and ...



--------- very good link here -------------

--the armour-plates of the V3 (deck) / PanzerPlatten der V3 (Dach)


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Anyone been to this place?
Its really close to the channel tunnel.
I have visited the site on a couple of occasions and would recommend calling in if you have chance. You can walk through the massive underground tunnels but I am not aware of being able to access the surface where the projectiles would have left for London. Lots of damage evident from the 12000lb Tallboy bombs dropped on the site, a couple made it through to the gun tunnels and put the site out of action. Most of the damage underground is from British demolitions ordered by Churchill after the site was captured. The French wanted to take ownership but Churchill would not have a potential threat pointing at London and told the Army to make sure it was destroyed before handing it over. I have a feeling that relationships were not good between Churchill and De Gaulle at the time! This site was also the target for a USAAF attempt to fly a radio controlled B-24 Liberator loaded with explosives into it. The plane detonated over England when the fuze was set to live killing the oldest Kennedy brother, lots of history to explore!
CNV00142.JPGCNV00158.JPGCNV00159.JPGCNV00160.JPGCNV00161.JPGCNV00163.JPGCNV00164.JPGCNV00167.JPGCNV00171.JPGCNV00181.JPGCNV00157.JPGCNV00153.JPGCNV00143.JPGCNV00144.JPGCNV00145.JPGCNV00146.JPGCNV00147.JPGCNV00148.JPGCNV00150.JPGCNV00151.JPGCNV00152.JPGCNV00184.JPGI visited Mimoyecques earlier this month, on the way back home from Eastern France. It is well worth a visit and can be accessed from Junction 37 of the A16, about half way between Calais and Boulogne. A bonus for me was to see a bat (French = Chauve-souris) noiselessly flitting around in a side tunnel. If you visit please note that the temperature is always cool so it is best to wear a fleece or coat. The tour takes about an hour and the tunnels are lined with explanatory notes and diagrams. I will include a few photos here. I think the big green thing is a generator. There is an identical one in better condition in the Atlantic Wall museum bunker. As usual for me, the photos have reappeared in a random order.
I had the pleasure of visiting this place at the start of August whilst touring Europe. Its very close to the Channel and easy to find (see directions that Ammotechhxt gives above.
Its one of those great places with very few tourists and looks like its not been touched for years. There is a small display of historic photos in a temporary building just outside the tunnels.
The tunnels themselves were a welcome relief from the hot sun the day I went.
I think Ammotechhxt and I ended up taking exactly the same photos so I won't repeat but have added a few more.
Well recommended.



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At the l'armee museum Diekirch (Luxembourg) they have a restored v3 treibspiegelgranate in there exibition. The weapon was fired from Hillersleben at Luxembourg in ww2. I have a couple pic but to see it live, go to the museum it's worth the visit.
If my memory is correct this one was found at Hillersleben.
image.jpg image.jpg