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Ordnance approved
Hi. Here's a couple of V40's. One is painted the standard green, whilst the other has been stencilled onto bare metal. Does anybody know the significance of the unpainted one?

You'll notice the unpainted one also has a repro pull pin (I did the best I could:tinysmile_angry2_t:), so I'm in the market for an original pin. I also need the litle plastic top plug for the unpainted one.

Please let me know if you have spares.



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    V40 4 BOCN.jpg
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I remember when I was in the Canadian Army we had some V 40s, as I remember they came in a plastic bandolier like WW2 .303 Rounds except there was only one in each pocket.
We stopped using them when a couple of Millitia coming back from Overseas were caught with them in their Kit..they were returning on a civilian flight.
The Military decieded they were to easy to steal..so out of the system they went.

Hi, Attached are a couple of pages from a manual that explains the packaging. Cheers


  • V40 manual P15 4 Bocn.jpg
    V40 manual P15 4 Bocn.jpg
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Thanks for the page. The V40 was my first really cool piece that I got. In fact it was given to me by a friend's friend. Still love that grenade.
A couple of years back a Dutch collector was able to pick up what pieces remained from one of the former engineers at the factory (now closed). A number of grenades were built from the pieces, and some were marked with "factory" markings. A few were marked unpainted, then some were repainted, in a more brownish shade of green. Your grenade on the left appears to be the correct paint, the unpainted one could possibly be one of the re-builds, or a similar type piece. The grenades were complete, with factory pieces, just not factory built. There were also three different fragmentation types.

Much harder to find are the larger versions, the MN-45 and the V60 (designation was based on diameter in mm). There was also a CS tear gas version and a rifle grenade adapter, all of which are pretty expensive when they show up.


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Here's an x-ray for you along with the markings on the practice version that I have.

Well this is totally weird but today I managed to put my hands on a couple of live one and had the guys take a quick x-ray of one. Here you go.


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Hi. Very cool. Thanks for sharing the xray. Any chance I can have the pin (you can have the rest:tinysmile_shy_t:). Cheers Colin