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Variations of early german fuzes



Picture shows the early German Brass No(5 )fuze on left manufactured at Rheinmetalls Somerda plant , it was found that the delay was too long so the 5 was stamped out and restruck as a (28) the delay being ideal for use against ships , this delay allowed the bomb to explode below deck
Again thank you Steve for the pics and explanations.:)
Ive never seen any of this type fuze on sale before at any shows?


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Brass fuzes

Hi Paul
The German ELAZc50(5) fuzes were produced in 1936 and were quickly found to have too long a delay , they were then restamped (28)
See RH fuzes in picture
These early ones are amongst the rarest fuzes , the last one sold on ebay for 120 , about 3 years ago .


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