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vent tube?


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hiya. i have found a picture of an l1a4 vent tube on this site, and wondered what they are used for. i have one of these cartridges from somewhere and im curious about what its for.

cheers stockers
Tube Vent for L11

I used to have a slightly later version than your A4.

Tube Vent for L11 Tank Gun
RG 80 LIA73

Electrically initiated Flash generator to ignite the charge bags placed in the barell.

There are a number of these-
5.5 inch gun used a cut down .303 case adapted.
8 inch gun also used a special flash generator cartridge.
155 mm FH 70 F.G.


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.625 Tube Vent cartridge tin

Heres the tin the .625 Tube Vent's come in.


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    BOCN TIN L1A4.jpg
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