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Very rare Nutcrackers.


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Nutcracker CTA rounds were developed in the 1950's. The photos show:-

Photo 1 - view of the 30 X 334 Nutcracker next to the 30 X 220 nutcracker next to an Aden LV (for scale). The reason I've put them like this is because the crimping grooves line up on the rounds. NOTE that the middle round is the correct way around with the wider end pointing forwards. Both types of nutcracker have an Aden LV type projectile in them (after all, why bother inventing another type if there is one already developed for you to use!!). There is a sectioned nutcracker pictures on the link below that shows the projectile.

Photo 2 shows the projectile in the 30 X 334 and the cardboard sealing disk on the 30 X 220.

Photo 3 shows the head (base) of the cases. There are no headstamps.

Photo 4 just shows the different lengths as you expect them to be when stood up.

Tony Williams has written an excellent article all about the Nutcracker development on the link below (the one in Tony's photos is the same round as shown here):

http://www.quarry.nildram.co.uk/Split Breech.htm

The 30 X 334 rounds exist in brass and alloy versions, I'm only aware of brass 30 X 220 versions.

If anyone has any further information on the Nutcracker rounds or has specimens they wish to sell/swap I would be interested.

NOTE all rounds shown are INERT etc.



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Nice display. I had never heard of them before joining BOCN. We do have a nutcracker here in the states, but it doesn't go well with guns. See attached.


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