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very very little john


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Does anybody know something about this projectile?
Has it been in service somewhere?

caliber 20mm length 67mm
I have seen similar in other calibers but not as small as this
Its made of at least 4 different parts


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Hi, I've not seen the version you have there but they do exist in 20mm.
The two in the photo have different case lengths.
Both are Hispano cases.
The one on the left is a 20x117 case (a unique case for this littlejohn and without headstamp), the more common version on the right is in the 20x110 case that is common to Hispanos. Just to avoid any confusion the two drawings of 20mm rounds in the centre of the pictures are BOTH the 110 cases (you will notice the projectile in the drawing of the one with the point is actually longer than the specimen on the left).
Without going into a detailed history of Littlejohn rounds - there are several versions of less than 20mm. Of the larger rounds by far the most common is the 2 pounder that was made in mk 1 and mk 2 versions. There are also 37mm, 47mm, 40mm Bofors, 6pr6cwt, 6pr7cwt and 17pr versions but most are a little difficult to track down!!
Hope this helps.
PS Like the pictures you're posting, they're great!!


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Hi Rottenfuhrer, would it be possible for you to post a photograph of the base of your 20mm littlejohn to the forum please? Is there a tracer in the projectile? Is the rear skirt soldered in place? Is the whole projectile made of the same material or is some of it steel and some of it aluminium? Are there any stampings on it?