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Hi all,
can anyone tell me the difference between a M51A1 & M51A2(marked on the pojectile) 20mm vulcan dummy,now have both thanks to Dano1917 & Hicky1300(thanks chaps) but both look the same?
Cheers Tony
Make up or weight ?

Any noticeable variation in either the way the dummy is made (such as how many components go to make it up) or its weight ?

Or is it plated differently ?

Might be one of those that gives it a different designation.
Hi Chris,
the only difference I can see is the"dummy" primers,the A1 has a flat steel type held in with three star crimps the A2 has domed brass type with no visable crimp?
Cheers Tony
Hi Dano,
you should find 20MM in front of the word DUMMY & underneath & to the right M51A2?3,I used a bronze wire brush to to clean off rust & crud(bronze wire being a lot kinder to original finish!) Will e-mail you pics probably tomorow of the ones you sent me,the've come up really nice,Any news yet about plugs & pump?
All the best to you & yours
2 dots

Hi Tony, just brushed the last 20mm, and what I found is 20mm DUMMY then jusy 2 dots after the DUMMY word, a tad lower and to right. No word as of yet on pump and plugs, but no worries as it has just been a tad over a month and surface mail car run 6 weeks. they will show my friend...Dano
dot 2

Hi Tony, My one remaining 20mm cartridge described in last post. I did further cleaning and brushing and here is exactly what is stamped on projectile. What do you make of that?..Dano


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Hi Dano,
One of the ones you sent me has the three dots,but also has the M number underneath,but very faint! these dots must mean something?
Cheers Tony


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Hi Tony, Makes me think since they were Dummys that they may have been reloaded and a dot added for each reload????? Just an un-educated guess..
Not sure Dano,I've posted a pic on the projectiles section perhaps someone there can shed some light on it?.....Tony
Are these 20 mm dummy rounds rare? I am just asking because I received a large lot of different inert ammo and cases (including the french 75 mm HE from WW1 I wanted) yesterday, including such a 20 mm Vulcan dummy, a 30 mm dummy for the A-10s Avenger GAU-8 gun and others.
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Smle2009 Thought you may like to see these two vulcan dummy/ballast rounds i have one is mostly nylon in construction and has no markings visible the other i can just make out the remains of dummy stamped on the projectile


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20mm M51A1B1 Vulcan DUMMY?

Hi Guys, Heres one ive got, its stamped "20MM DUMMY" "M51A1B1" on the projectile. The stamped marks are very hard to see without a magnifier. Looks to be all one piece construction from steel. Found this for a fiver in local militaria shop few weeks ago. Regards, Tim
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Hi Chaps,
Old thread come back to life! I don't think the Vulcan dummies are rare,I have picked up several more since this thread started,Hicky 1300 being mainly to blame!,but the variants out there must be vast.
Never found out the reason of the dots on Dano's and my dummies?
Thanks for the photo's Spotter that nylon dummy is a babe!