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Waff`s new evening attire!


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I got this today in a deal against a Norwegian re-issue german helmet.
its getting worn once tonight at my mates then im going to strip off the naughty bits and convert to a werhmacht tunic.
i might be able to wear it down the boozer if i use removeable insignia!:xd:
Looks great now but cannot possibly stay like this.


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Some nice stamps inside,just goes to show how far you can take a repro tunic?.
would be great if it turned out a real one!:tinysmile_fatgrin_t


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I even got a decent wound badge in the deal too!

Looks like the tunic is well worn in as there are a few rips/wear-tears around it.
Cant believe i got one to fit!




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Hello Waff, are you planning on going to a fancy dress party dressed as prince Harry? :tinysmile_fatgrin_t

Hello Waff, are you planning on going to a fancy dress party dressed as prince Harry? :tinysmile_fatgrin_t


:xd::xd: I had forgotten about PH`s media boo-boo!

I was going to wear it at Beltring but i think the PC brigade have gotten to the organizers this year,so no SS or TR symbols allowed??
I hope the re-enactors are not effected as they dont half put on a super show in the Arena.


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hi guys :tinysmile_shy_t:
i think the PC guys are a pain in the ass history has a habit of repeating itself if forgotten. we best not forget dont want to go through shit again
i thing you would look great dressed as a bad guy .?
When i was at Beltring last year,there were loads of men and women dressed as various country`s wartime soldiers.I thought it really gave a feel to the place for the week?
Im now stuck what to do with this jacket as it really fits well but no way can i waltz about with the SS symbols on!

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hi there
i dont thing there is a law against pictures off SS soldiers in uniform
so take the emblums off and stick a big printed transfer sticker of you
wearing the jacket with all the badges etc on the back of your jacket
this way every one will see you wearing it at beltring .
most shops who do birthday cakes or printers will do you a large copy sticker. or iron on sticker all you do is take them a photo to copy they do the rest .
that will screw up the PC people ?

best of luck armystuff.
PS life on the edge .:xd:
Just cover the so called "offensive" emblems with some black tape,saves knacking the jacket
:xd: Cheers G7,

I would have done but apparently all the wearing of uniforms are banned unless you served in said uniform and earned the rank displayed??

Thats what ive heard. I will have the tunic and cap displayed over were i sit in the stall though instead.


I was at Beltring this year and everyone still wore what they liked, I stayed on a stall and was there for the whole 8 days. We were given no rules about wearing SS stuff or not.
It is history and putting your head in the sand like most PCers do will not change it. The Roman legions were just as "bad" as the SS but most military are educated using Roman fighting tactics. It's time people got over the bullshit. The swastica (sorry I can't remember how to spell it) is thousands of year old, it was used by the chinese for good luck, do we say they are bad people for using it.
Time the PC people were told to get stuffed!

Thus endeth the lesson

Hi Iain,
I couldn`t agree more with you mate.
As for the rules at the show,i read them in the info pack that stallholders get.It was mainly small print of course.
I was wearing a shirt with a swaz on advertising my mates stall `3rd Reich Militaria`,was prob the only time i could wear that one in the open!:laugh:


If you wear it waff you may be mistaken for a council official or even mistaken as a member of the Health and Safety executive:xd:
If you wear it waff you may be mistaken for a council official or even mistaken as a member of the Health and Safety executive:xd:

:laugh::laugh: Sounds about right Chris!

I must phone my mate up in Newcastle to see if he has flogged it for me?
He took it North off me at Beltring to see if the re-enactors wanted it.