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Waffen SS marked cartridges


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Hi ya

Does anybody have some of the SS marked, brass cartridge cases
I would like about 50 if possible, don't laugh.

Hi Ian
Are you sure that the cartridges arenot in fact the material mark IE Brass or Steeel ive never heard of a SS catridges before , perhaps someone can enlighten me please
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The SS headstamp could refer to Schweres Spitzgeschoss (Ball)?

I'm sure the small arms collectors will be able to give us the full S.P. Steve.

SS headstamps

No, the cases he is talking about are actually headstamped with the lightning flash SS runes.

Loaded rounds are fairly rare and expensive, but recently the Russians have been digging up quite large numbers of fired cases and these are starting to be available in western Europe.

Even so, fifty cases will still cost at least an arm and maybe even a leg as well.


I watched a clip on yiutube of a couple of Russians digging in an old anti tank ditch, they were pulling up loads of SS stamped rounds, they had a large bucket full when they were finished. At one stage a guy is holding a huge handful of the rounds and they look mint. Do you think I can find the link again, I really have to start bookmarking these sites I find
If you are referring to this mark and if you want what you have 50 very hard, every day with more rare and expensive.
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HI all

I finally got onto some SS marked cases, they are not cheap I can tell you. I am getting 15 and they will cost me $300 AUD. As I always say, something is only worth what you are prepared to pay for it. Thanks all.

They look really great though! Im sure some of them would look superb in my collection!