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Wanted: Advice on selling items


Hey All,

I'm after a little advice on selling a number of my items. The longhaired general is after the shed back so some stuffs gotta go. I did consider a new shed and a new wife but I love the shed and the wife's ok!

Is there any specialized sites that deal in inert ordnance that fellow members rate as ok?

Also does anyone know if inert ordnance poses a problem been sent through the post, we know its inert but does the post office X-Ray kit?

So far for the going are

8 x No36 Grenades.
1 x 2in mortar.
3 x WW1 german wurfgranates.

Pictures are available


hi, Specialistauctions.com is the best available now, free to list and only 3% selling fees. But it is more of a shop than an auction site and you need to pitch your start bid at the minimum that you would accept - you can watch other items to see what they sell for. Go to the militaria section, then 'ordnance related' then 'grenades'. Let me know if you need more detail on registering, selling etc. good luck, Dave