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Warrenpoint Harbour UXB

I think it is a clock stopper.

Perhaps one of the professionals could confirm this.
The item on the bomb is the magnetic Clockstopper and the lead coming from it is the microphone the bomb is a 1,000Kg hermann , location was Bow east london last year .Im Sure that photo is a stock photo as i have seen one similar on the London bomb
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yes stock photos,,,the press are good at that ,,when i was on a job in NI they did a write up in the papers showing us in full bomb suits...the reality was High Visibility vests
Thanks everyone.
I should have realised it was a stock picture. The BBC does the same for loads of different topics.

At the risk of stirring up a Hornet's nest - it could be called a 'publicity picture'

(Those who are RAOC/RLC will know what I mean)

Call out plan for the Royal Engineers.

Local New

Normally first so that picture of their arrival get the headlines.. Its not a dig but reality
These are the pictures of the 1000kg Herman that was uncovered
whilst the banks of the river lea in stratford east London were being widened.

I had it from the Horses mouth so to speak about the methods used to
immunise the device and these were actual on site pictures at the time.

Access to the site was Sugar House Lane which is on the borders of Bow
and stratford,and schrapnel was reported to be falling over two hundred yards away as my mate would confirm who lives not far away.

Best Satan


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Many thanks Satan for the pictures.

That just leaves the mystery of what they dredged up today in Warrenpoint then. Maybe somebody will hear on the grapevine :tinysmile_shy_t:.
Give it time and im sure the forums resources will uncoverer this as with new finds until its confirmed it could be a hand grenade an oil drum
or an 1800kilo satan,i will certainly have a look around and post any findings.

Best Satan
A couple of years ago a bomb was dredged up from liverpool docs , i was approached to give my views on it , by BBC Northern Ireland , eventually it was someone from the war museum who got the mention, as i was at work by the time i contacted them it was being aired.
I remember that Steve on the news up here because loads of my mates rang up to say "Are you gonna get it for your garden?" :xd:
I wish!


The herman was emptied pretty much of all the explosive and 400 tons of
bagged sand was placed over it.

The controlled detonation shifted nearly all the sand and away went
the herman in little pieces which did come down a fair way away.

I dont think they were planning quite that bigger bang.

Best satan