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Wartime damage.

Chris 42 RQ

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Just to show that all of the wartime memories in London have not been erased !

The picture is taken looking up into a vent (one of many) on platform 12 at Paddington station in London.
The jagged holes are all "shrapnel" damage from the numerous bombs dropped on the area, each one of these vents (to allow steam train smoke/fumes to exit the station) has a lot of damage to the brickwork from small and big fragments.

Chris :tinysmile_shy_t:


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Also there are numerous Air Raid shelter signs in and around the capital
Missing beam !

Thanks Waff, Lee and Steve, I will go and have a good look around the station as I once found a beam with a great big shrapnel scar on it and well worth a picture if only I can find it again ?
Paddington is such a big place with so many beams to choose from and so many platforms !

Chris :tinysmile_shy_t:
I remenber being on a school trip to london years ago and being shown schrapnel damage on buildings in whitehall. there was loads of holes and chunks missing out of buildings.
has anyone else seen these?
Cheers, Paul.
Working in london i get to mooch around a lot of areas that had regular visits from the Luftwaffe.

At Burdett road poplar there is a building at the main road junction that still has the words TO THE AIR RAID SHELTER and a little arrowunderneath,
painted on the doorway.

If You go to Victoria station and look up then you can still see scuff marks
and chunks of maisonary missing were the german bomber crashed and
landed on the roof.

plenty out there still to be seen

Best phil