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Burney Davis

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Quite a while back I aquired a sizable fuze collection but am only now beginning to sort through it. The collection contained all types of fuzes, primers, plugs, caps and some things that were not even military!

As I am going through the items there are a number of 'bits' that I cannot identify and I would appreciate help from the members of this forum. Depending what the bits turn out to be I will either keep them or they will be for sale or trade.

The first thing is pictured below and lets hope I've got thr pictures right!! Made of brass and stamped with what looks like Dutch EOD makings in red. Looks to be solid.


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The number that is engraved is a number of the Dutch EOD Collection.
I will phone them and asked about the number.
Burney it is a armingmechanism for contact seamine mk 15 british.
it has been destroyed 11-09-2000 that is what the papers say.