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Watford Arms Fair



Just to let you know our local militaria fair at Watford is on tomorrow 19Th
if any BOCN member is going , i will be there tomorrow myself
dont waste you time.

I went to the Watford fair today, all I can say is its a big waste of time and petrol.

Its half the size it used to be, entrance fees have gone up and there was no ordnance for sale and no book dealers.

Unless you live in the immediate area Id save your money and do something more constructive with you time, i wish i had. :tinysmile_angry_t:

Hi i must admit i too was dissapointed, the cost has been the same for the last 3 months or so , the usual book dealer of which there are at least two were not present,
There was Chelmsford fair on today which may have clashed .
Im only 5 miles away and use Watford as a social thing only , since it began ive only bought 1 fuze , but have made many contacts. Dug up were not present today.
on the medal dealers tables were two stunning groups a DSO and a MC but no ordnance apart from two Grenades made into inkwells , and a couple of ww1 artillery fuzes type 85? , there were also a few trench art cases, but nothing in my line .
Sorry to hear that you had a bum time.
Last week at Leeds,i only sold my repro SS stuff and ive put the money to a fuze project im chasing.:tinysmile_twink_t:
I also missed the `Dug-Up` brothers last week at Leeds?,i assume they were on a dig somewhere out of the country?
I always buy something off them.

Better luck next time fellas.


Hi Paul
I havnt seen Jay or Paul from Dug up for sometime , usually the items are too corroded for me to buy , but they are nice chaps to talk to.
I dont mind them as they make great starter projects for the new collector and with money as it is and all that.
Im off to the Scotch Corner show at the weekend so i hope they are there and i have better luck than what you chaps did at Watford!

Jay and Paul are in the Phillipines untill the end of October ,But if anyone wants to buy anything from there website its business as usual with Pauls son running the show.........