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Watford Arms fair



Hi all Just to let you know that the Watford arms fair is on tommorow it would be nice to see you there , im not sure if any members are living in Hertfordshre .it starts at 9am till 3 pm
Hello Fuzeman, I go to Watford, more through a sense of loyalty than any hope of buying much!
For any one who's never been before its a smallish fair, approximately 30 dealers.
Lots of medals and surplus stuff but the odd bit of ordnance does turn up.
Worth going to if you live in the area but I wouldn't travel any great distance for it.

I agree its a friendly fair , thats virtually are on my doorstep , over the years , i went to the very first and in fact stalled their too , ive picked up only a handful of fuzes . there are one or two top dealers who use it.