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Weapons Of The WWII Tommy ,by David.B.Gordon


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This book is 466 pages of information drawings and photos.It starts with personal side arms and finishes with flamethrowers.For those of us interested in ordnance it has excellant sections on mines ,mortars ,grenades,piats etc.
This is available direct from the author David.B.Gordons website www.visualcollector.com for $24.95 + pnp
I personally recomend this ,it has been a usefull aid to recognition on more than one occasion at work
Out of Books

Hey Guys,

Just a heads up that I am completely out of all three books in the WWII Tommy Series (Equipment, Weapons, Uniforms). I know of two vendors that still have a limited stock of the Weapons and Uniforms books as of 15 MAY 08 but they each only have about 20 copies so they probably won't last long. If you've been waiting to get a copy, best to move quick as I likely won't reprint the series for 2-3 years.

In the UK, check with Ian at Sentimental Journey and in the USA, check with Ernie at Castle Keep.


Same here ! I also have the 3 volume set and am VERY happy with it,
My only comment ..the set is so well done , it deserved to be done in a larger format hardcover. It would have been worth the higher price.
I try to maintain a broad and up to date Library and .."soft shell" books don't seem to take the use or age as well.


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