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What are these from?


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Just got a few of these the other day, spent the last 60 odd years in the sea, just got to polish them but what are they from any one know?


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a sheath and a 20x110 Hispano Suiza of 20x110 Oerlikon


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20 mm Hispano and Oerlikon cases.

Hi Motiztab
You have a 20 mm Hispano case as per the date and made by (do not have references handy at the moment so will have to go by memory :hmmmm2:) Bethlehem Brass Company in America, sure the others will correct me if I am wrong.
The Hipsano rounds are very likely to have come from an aircraft mounted cannon/s.

The other case is also a 20 mm but from an Oerlikon gun as you can see the letters Oez stamped into the base-these rounds are most likely fired from a deck mounted gun.

Hope this helps you.
Thanks guys, one from an aircraft and one from the Navy. Both come from an old firing range at sea so stands to reason.