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What else do you collect


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Just wondering what else members collect,,I have a very small collection of Royal Artillery cap badges ,Have a few different types most are repro but as most of you know that doesnt really bother me,,ill try dig them out tomorro and post some pics
I also collect other ww2 german gear.
I have items ranging from armbands to trench lanterns!
Its time too sort out the room now the bathroom gear is out.I had loads of tiles and equipment stacked up:huh:


i had a dummy SMLE when i was a kid ,found under a pile of wood in my grandfathers garden,,never did find out if it was a practice rifle for home guard or just an apprentice type piece,,the bolt opened but there was no where to chamber a round ,also the trigger was solid,the mgazine was cut down and screwed directly to the woodwork,,but it looked the part especially with the 07 bayonet attatched,unfortunately some dork used it for bayonet practice (in my absense)and it got smashed
Not far off the subject, I collect Waffen Revue and Armourer magazines.....I have most, and have some spares, so yell if you need information or a spare mag :)

I collect Any books written on the history of Bomb disposal and memoirs of bomb disposal personel .
also manuals on bomb fuzes
STUPID ME.... I collect anything military that turns my fancy....... (I really like cutaways)






I collect WW2 I go through phases every couple of years so it could be ordnance ,deact guns , models ,paintings,
Also I collect vietnam war era Nikon cameras and the rarer accessories which I still use regulary.
Oh and I love gardening growing flowers and the like.
Sports cars too but mainly when I was in my early thirties when I had celicas ,supras ,a 4 litre lexus and an honda sports car to name but a few.

have a fair collection of films
a fue military medals unit badge's
books toys
best ratt
I collect anything Pak related, especially if it is for the 3,7cm Pak and I try to find containers to match my german shells as well. Even the labels on the containers when they are intact are an amazing reference source.

Picture of the blank cartridge box.
Back on topic(before spott pulls me up again:laugh: ),here is a sneak-peek of my display room when i first started out.Its all changed around since this shot though.
Hello Spotter, since you asked what else we collect,,,,, here is comes. :xd:
My Lawn Mowers


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