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What is it - a mine ?


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any idea what this device might be?

I guess its some sort of a mine .....


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genkideskan, Do any of the brass arms move under some or allot of tension? Can you send me another picture with this one on the other side. I also want to know, are those large ball bearings?
looks like american anti personell mine used in vietnam?

not sure what type


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    anti american mine.jpg
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Ahhh, looks like different size balls to me, The submunitions you have would actually be much more devastating because of the BB and larger sizes of bearings placed into them.


If you want an idea of what it is and you still haven't figured it out yet, you should still send more info like I asked and give us at least a size and weight?
Doesn't look like a submunition, to many moving pieces outside the body that would need action on them and would get in the way for dissemination. Looks European, the sort of large clunky internals that eat up much of the space are similar to some 60s type ordnance designs. Needs more data.