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What is this from? Subcal round??


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I believe this is some kind of British subcal cartridge. Anyone confirm this? Anyone have a photo of a complete round with projectile?

Headstamp is RG 90



Rimmed case
Rim = .346"
Rim = .066" thick
Case = .295" wide
Case= 1.114" long

This one is obviously damaged.

Any help is appreciated.
first impressions it looks to me like its the cartridge for initiating charge bags on tank ammunition,think these are called tubes or vents,just my thoughts may be wrong can someone else confirm what it is
See my answer on the IAA forum.

This is the remains of the .22 Hornet blank in a 9mm SMAW spotter round from the SMAW anti-tank rocket.

For those unfamiliar with the weapon, the rocket launcher has a throwaway spotting rifle attached loaded with five rounds of 9mm spotter that gives a flash on bullet impact.

The round is a necked up 7.62 x 51 cartridge with the head (The base) bored out and a .22 Hornet blank inserted. When fired it works on the high-low pressure system,the Hornet case discharges gas into the larger case which in turn propels the bullet.

The Hornet blanks were originally bought in US commercial cases but are now made by Radway Green and bear a headstamp of RG and date.

The original design was not necked up to 9mm and used a long lead 7.62mm bullet but it was found unsuitable and the production version was made in 9mm.

There is a sectioned round on the IAA Cartridge of the Month page for October (?) 2005.

spotter wrong as usual ,spotter no longer replying to posts just going to ask, watch and learn
spotter wrote:
spotter wrong as usual ,spotter no longer replying to posts just going to ask, watch and learn

Hey now.. don't get down.... closer than I got....

I have been collecting for almost 20 years and there is no end to the learning that I have to do.....
Only twenty years? A mere child!

I applied for my first Firearms Cetificate on my seventeenth birthday forty six year ago.... and I already had a lot of different "bullets" by then!

Cheer up spotter at least 4 out of ten items you bought before joining BOCN were not mis sold or wrongly identified ,i've had to restart my collection LOL
Here are some photos of the LAW rounds

L. to R.

Live round
Fired case showing how the .22 Hornet case sets back on firing
Turned brass drill round, no headstamp
Turned steel drill round, headstamped "LAW80 DRILL"


Here is a sectioned round showing the internals of the LAW spotter.