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what is this lead bullet?


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hi guys, see attached. shown against a .303 for scale. 2 inches long, .55 (?) in dia. front half has only a small 3mm cavity but the bottom half is more less a full size cavity which is lined with tin (?). There appear to be 4 driving bands which show signs of rifling . There is a cannelure for crimping a case into. What on earth is it?
cheers, Dave
OOPs - was about to post that it was the 14.5mm trainer when I realised what had gone before!!
Does anyone have a complete inert one of the type shown on the left of my picture,or know where i can get one as i would like one of these to make a cutaway

well done Spot & Joerg, I now know what the complete round looks like (and also that I got rid of another projectile and a case as I didn't realise the 2 were for the same thing - sod it!)