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What is this?

Hi all, I have seen these for sale around the net and have seen them called BDU cluster bombs and also called anti-personnel mine. My guess is cluster bomb. Positive ID would be greatly appreciated...Dano


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It is indeed a practice submuntion framentation bomblet. The live one is the BLU-3B (bomb live unit). the practice with smoke charge BDU-27B (bomb dummy unit) and the inert one BDU-28B. They are not used in clusterbombs but in dispencer SUU-7 series and SUU-14 series. The first one contains between 360 and 409 bomblets and the SUU-14 114.
The dispener looks like a rocketpot but the bomblets are dispenst from the rear.
No idea on the lock plate Rick, but you're right as these things are all over the web. I found mine for 20.00us and seen them as high as 80.00us. All i've seen seem to be dated 11-66 so makes me think someone found a warehouse full of 'em...Dano