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What\'s This ?


Well-Known Member

Would anyone know what this is :dry:

It measures 18cm (7 inches) straight across from blade tip to blade tip.


Invest :)

Hi Invest, your item looks just like a radiator cooling fan to me, possibly from an agricultural engine, maybe a tractor ? just an educated guess, after 30 years in the automotive trade, I've seen a few ! of course it could be something far more interesting, like a spinner from a bomb fuse, we can live in hope :laugh: Tony.
Hello Tony,

It's had me intrigued since I found it amongst some bomb fins on an old wartime site. I was thinking along the same line, something to do with engines or the like.

I'm stumped :laugh:


My money would be on it being a "Tail Spinner" from a bomb-especially as you found it amongst a load of other bomb components-it looks right with a sharply angled set of fins that are short bladed with not too many blades.
As far as I am aware modern "Spinners" have very many slightly angled blades that are also short whereas the older style's have fewer blades usually at a more acute angle:eek:hmy: .

Another point is that how many car radiator fans are only 7" inches in diameter-not sure I have ever seen one that small !