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Hi everyone,
This turned up in a box of junk I won at the deadstock section at Sailsbury cattle market a few years ago(bought it for the bag of 30 cal links in it)
All I can tell you about it is,its wood! its been in something metalic,its rotten & it has a short piece of fuze(2.5") going through it,approx 6" in lenght,base/top 3x1", there is a small brass/copper stain near the fuze & some dried mud,so looks as if it has spent some time in the ground!
Has anyone any ideas on this???


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sorry for totally missing this thread for so long...not sure how it happened!
Paul,we can rule out the Barbel grenade as the cord runs inside the hollow handle of the Barbel.
Have took some more photos,the 'dent' in the 'handle'? looks like it may have been caused by a detonator?,the rust staining and remains of small nails suggest that tin plate was fixed around this part? there are also remains of two larger nails and a 'wax' type substance around the edge of the disc....I am beginning to think what we are seeing here is the internals of something? again we can rule out the Barbel as the 'handle' does not extend inside the grenade to the top wood disc...possibly a trench made grenade in the same ilk as jam tin grenades???


Could it be a wooden spike for making a detonator hole in a block of explosive?
maybe the 'dent' is for placing the detonator with fuze attached in a particular position?

Just thinking aloud :)

Hi Bob,
the spike is just how the wood has rotted and the det cord that can be seen in the photos is fixed and sealed through the wood disc.

Hi,I could be way off the beam here but could it be part of a log(as in tree trunk size) splitting charge,just a wild guess really,is it a manufactured piece or is it a bit "rustic",
Think ive found it see attached image


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Many thanks Spotter,think you have hit the nail on the head with this one,certainly ties up with what I have here....and if my translation is up to the mark...Makeshift hand grenade with impact fuze ?....thanks again spot,your the man :tinysmile_fatgrin_t