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Whats it worth?


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Go on then!,
I shall kick this one off.These items are going to Leeds on Sunday for sale.
What price should i put on each one then? I know an idea but i would like your opinions please gents.

1st up is a type 9 german bomb fuze with bakelite transport tube/lid set.


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Next up is that shell case i bought at the car boot sale.
ive now removed the brass plug that someone soldered in.


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This is a pitted FZ60 german bomb fuze,would be great to section?


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the shell case waff when ive bought them before have been around 15.00 with primer
This is a different FZ60 in a lot better condition than the above one.
A couple of small dings/minor pitting and scrapes but overall straight and nice when handling it.


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I quite like these brass german artillery fuzes.



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18 PR case

I'd agree with Spotter on the 18 PR case, ask 15 but accept 8-10.


P.S. the last 18 PR case I sold on ebay sold for less than a tenner with postage, i'd be tempted to take what you can get for it, holding out for even a tenner may be tough.
With further thought ask 10 and go from there. I think if you got 8 you'd have done pretty well.
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whats iyt worth

:tinysmile_shy_t:hi guys
i kept getting kicked of AOL what a pain
you were quick of the mark waff
whats it worth

hi guys :tinysmile_shy_t:
better late than never
black shell 31pdr inert the wife checked it
big mortar from spain
give us a value please plenty experts out there?
the wifes looking at holidays right now ?:xd:
ps ive been told thers no such thing as a 31pdr so its maybe a missprint


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what its worth

hi guys
for what its worth i think all the experts are off to bed :tinysmile_shy_t:

18 pdr case in mint condition with primer,10-15 quid,german fuses,always buy the best,condition is everything.(My opinion only).
Cutaway/Skeletal Enfield No 4 action

Hi guys, I thought I would ask your advice as to what this cutaway/skeletal action Enfield No 4 rifle would fetch on the market today. It is deactivated to pre '95 UK specification and has a proof house certificate. It is in excellent condition, looks like it may have been re-finished at some stage. I know some of you are heavily into deacts ans surely will know what it would sell for. Many thanks, Tony.


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Im sure Ive seen these at pudsey ,i think they were around the 160 range,,if theyre there on sunday ill confirm what price the DEALERS ARE ASKING
Hi Paul
If that (9) is in good uncleaned corrosion free condition i think its worth between 30 -40.
Hi Paul
There appears to be a lot of (17)Bm around at the moment in good condition they are at militaria fairs for about 25 maximum
Paul that FZ60 is slightly better condition than mine i paid 30 for it so i guess that 40 would be the mark.