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Whats this cartridge


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this is Tigbrands can you tell us anything about it
Hi Spotter
I take it they work out that way as i have them saved on the computer as large files.
Here is a photo of the projectile for the 5.25\"
Thanks Harry for the pics,when i asked spotter to post pics i never added a post with my questions. I know about the guns but was hoping for some pics of projectiles as ive never seen any,so pics were great. The 2nd pic,is this AP with a small He charge and a base fuse with a delay, as per large caliber naval stuff?Cheers Tony
Its very nice Harry,Can you post a pic when you have painted it please,how much would this be worth,I would guess about 120-150 quid in G/C,if you ever found one?
Hi Tony
Will do, don't know how much it would cost, i wouldn't like to pay the postage on sending any where it weights something like 30-40Lb.
Where did you get your case?
Thats Very heavy. I bought my case on ebay for 11 pounds,It has one very small dent,im up for a swap on this Harry,if your interested send a PM. Dont forget to post the 2 pdr pics,cheers Tony.