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Just to add some diversity, I'd like to share two Whitworth bolts from our Civil War (ca. 1865). The dimple on the noses shows that these are probably Brit manufacture since the precision tooling was beyond the Southern States later in the war. Actually, the confederates welded the breeches of their guns shut and used them a s muzzle loaders.

A really accurate and precision cannon was the Whitworth. These bolts were found in antique stores in NY/Conn.


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thats different birdseye havent seen any like that before thanx for showing

regards leeski

I've seen two similar shells , but so large at the bottom as at the middle of the shell (constant diameter) .

1 without fuze , and 1 fuzed . (perhaps franco-prussian war 1870).
Nice projectiles Birdseye - they seem to be hard to find here in the UK.

Hi Birdseye,there very nice shells,ive only seen 2 in the uk and they were relic condition,am i correct in saying they were prone to jamming in the bore,compared to other types? Are they yours,and if so were they pricey?Tony.:tinysmile_grin_t: