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working stick grenade


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Ordnance approved
found three pcs today at stonewall near mostar. throw one in demolition pit just to see is it operational...and guess what ;)

other two are being made inert


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Hi Al'saad

And in remarkably good condition too were they ground found, barn or maybe in a container ? any more piccs of the other 2 please?

it was found in a stone wall fence under some metal sheet cover. i have made pic of only this one. i will put pics of other after weekend after they are made inert.
WWII German sticko

Awesome al'saad, The condition is teriffic for a found piece, makes me chomp at the bit looking at it. the wooden handle looks un-affected by the years of burial. Great piece....Dano
just to hear it blow!
i didn't expect it to activate but besides it look like new it also works like new...that reminds me why i drive volkswagen cars :D

as i sad more pics to come :)