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would like help to identify

I found this fuze container dated 1917. It measures 2-5/8 inches diameter and just under 1 inch tall. I was wondering just what kind of fuze this small this may have held. Curiosity, Dano


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no 85 fuze

The container looks to be for a No. 85 fuze which is similar looking to a No.80 but has a distinctive top piece with a gap under it for venting the time combustion gases unlike the 80 which has side vents. They were supplied by the US and are their M1902 fuze. I have one 85 made by Scovill 1917 but no section drawing.
It must be some kind of tardis though, not sure how you would get a No85 to fit in a tin only 1" tall and 2.5" wide?
Best Weasel.

Thanks 2pr, appreciate the info and Weasel i'm beginning to think that the correct lid was fitted to an incorrect tin? I dunno. Dano
Hi Dano,
Not sure but I'm wondering if the container was just for the percussion detonator and base plug part of the fuze.See Spotters Royal Laboratories Fuze diagrams 1917 in Fuze posts.
Excellent ,if thats the case ,if its still unsold in a couple of months give me a shout
ebay 1917 fuze tin

Yes, it's one in the same. I was kicking around the idea of maybe bidding on it (reason for thread) but have now decided against it, but it is a nice little tin. Dano
I agree with richard, probably case for percussion detonator and base plug part. But the more I looked at it the more I liked it which developed into I had to get it. So I got it and is on the way. Dano
that time of month

Hi all, Well, this has been on-going for some time now but I bought this Fuxe part container, as I get paid at beginning of month and I finally got this one coming, also I have an hz14 german fuze and 04 mushroom fuze coming on trade. Also have a 13pdr shell case dated 1918 (mark II) and a British WW1 fuze for 18 pdr shell coming. These are my paycheck items coming and I love them all. Will post pics as stuff arrives. I realize nothing major here but as my income is now fixed since retired i'm only called in when my services are badly needed since I quit the regular gig in 99. Dano
fuze tin

Well, Nobody else would bid on it so I bought the damn tin. I like the fact that it has the 17 wartime date on it. I tend to agree with Richard, at 2 5/8 inches across and 1 inch deep it must have held the percussion detonator and base plug only? Any other ideas? Dano


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