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WW I Cannon


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I was doing some research and my path crossed over this wonderful website of WWI Cannon.


The downside, is that it is in German, but the cannon are easy to understand. There is an excellent high-def version of the poster that I have attached.


  • Moderne_Geschosse_klein BOCN.jpg
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  • 6cmM99KasematteBild.jpg
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  • Gewehr-Fernausloesung.jpg
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  • Granatschleuder-Granatwerfer,1_Weltkrieg.jpg
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yes i also have seen this site !!

yes thats realy cool i also have seen this site some time ago nice stuff good explained !!

Best regards David

Hi John, Most excellent German canon site. I was thinking that 37mm Schnellfeuer m15 would really look good in the trench, or the 4cm or the.............Thanks for sharing..Dano