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WW1 French 37mm shell


Hi guys, has anyone got any information about colour schemes and markings, for french HE shells for the 37mm mle 1916 infantry gun?
From my reaserch so far i belive the shell i have is from this weapon, it is a 2 band round and the case is stamped 37-85 PDps 103 4 18
iam looking to restore it and any infomation on them would be appreciated.
Is it a Robin type 1916 shell? I have one of them and also a drawing. They were painted yellow and the screw on top black. I will post some pics later.
It could be, i cant post any pics at the moment as ive broken my camera:tinysmile_cry_t4:
but it dose have a small brass fuse that screws into the top of the shell,
if thats any help,
Sounds like a Mle 1888 PD

The pre WW1 and 1930s examples have a black lacquar type finish, the wartime appear to be unfinished metal.