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WW1 French H.E and Shrapnel Colours

Big Dave

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Hi anybody know what colours WW1 French H.E and Shrapnel shells were ? Also what markings they carried .I looked on a few website but only found line drawings and all in French Thanks Dave
french ww1 colours

hi,have you tried Imperial War Museum? if you contact them via IWM website they have been known to be most helpfull....??

Some pictures exist, i search .
From memory i can say that

1) French ww1 Explosive shells are Yellow painted (+ black numbers and /or white weight crosses) for 100% trinitrophenol loading (melinite , pikrine, lyddite)

2) yellow (top) and red (bottom) for brassed/mixtures of trinito explosives + nitrates (schneiderite, amatol ...)

3) green for chlorate or perchlorate explosives.

4) 75mm dec Schrapnell shells are red or white (two sorts of mechanism)

5) green with special orange or white markings for gas shells (for example : VIS, white bands, orange bands, N 4 , N 5 ...)

etc ...

French Shell colours

Hi Dave,
Attached photo of a French WW1 9cm HE round and 2 pages from a French manual on the 75mm.Hope this helps.


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